Indoor Farming

Some people like to grow their food at home but due to lack of space, they drop the idea. I have good news for those who are passionate about growing vegetables and herbs at home. If you have a good backyard space you can grow many plants. But if you do not have a big yard or do not like to grow vegetables outside. Indoor farming is the best choice for you.

In indoor farming, you grow all your plants inside your home. Nobody will know what you are growing in your grow tent. Of course, you need some space inside your home to grow plants. Indoor farming is easy as compared to growing plants outside. It has many benefits.

Moreover, indoor farming allows you to grow organic vegetables at home. For every type of work, you need to buy some tools so as in gardening. For indoor gardening, you need to have a bunch of indoor gardening tools at home.

Let’s discuss what things you need to grow at home and what are the benefits of indoor farming?

Things you need for indoor farming

Grow Lights: The first thing You need to have is seeds to sow in containers but what about the sunlight. We don’t have enough sunlight inside our homes. You can grow small herbs by placing herb pots on window shelves where they can get some amount of direct sunlight. But vegetables and herbs like tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, garlic, green pepper, etc need a high amount of bright light for a minimum of 10 hours.

To full fill, their light needs you can use Grow lights. These are made by using Light-emitting diodes and high-pressure sodium lights. Grow lights emit very bright light with the spectrum similar to the sun.

In grow light market you have many choices like LED grow lights, HPS grow lights, CFL grows lights, etc.

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Grow tent: For indoor farming, you need to have grow tents at home. They are not mandatory but if you want to grow your food privately then you need it. These are enclosed tents made with high canvas material with the inner reflective layer.

You can get a branded grow tent under $100. Gorilla grow tents, Vivosun grow tent, Apollo grow tents are the most trusted grow tent manufacturers. They come different sizes choose according to your grow space or number of plants you want to grow. 

Ventilation Fan:  Fresh airflow is a must to grow high-quality plants at home. Every living thing on earth needs fresh oxygen to breathe. We all have studied in our school that plants are living things and they need oxygen to breathe.

Moreover, good ventilation decreases the chances of root infection and pest attack. In indoor farming, good ventilation can be set by using ventilation fans. If you are using a grow tent install duct fan in it. If you are growing plants in a separate room than any exhaust fan will work best.

Indoor plant fertilizers: The primary needs of plants are light and water. Fertilizers are the secondary choice when you grow plants outside in the garden. But in indoor gardening, we grow plants in pots and big containers. We also don’t use soil for indoor plants instead we use potting mix and the potting mix does not contain nutrients as the soil does.

Therefore, we need to supply nutrients to our plants to help them grow healthy. When you go to any garden store you will see many indoor plant fertilizers. Some in powder and other in liquid form. 

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Ask at the reception about the best fertilizers for your plants.

Other indoor farming equipments are:

Watering can

Heat mat